Armies on Parade IV: 6mm Napoleonic Inventory

This pandemic has been a double-edged sword when it comes to wargaming. On the one hand, I was unemployed between March and mid-August, so had loads of time for painting and new projects. On the other hand, we have been constrained at the club as to the location of games and the number of players we have been able to get round the table. Consequently, I have not put on a game since February, and my armies are languishing in their 'Really Useful Boxes'.

Armies on Parade III: Eastern Renaissance

Well, this series is getting a head of steam!

The thunder of hooves resounds as the Husaria charges home! As someone once said of the Polish winged hussars: 'We're here to kick ass and eat pierogi. And we're all out of pierogi'.

Here we have photos of my 28mm Eastern Renaissance armies, which have seen action on Fridays, and at two big games at Rob's war room (Relief of Vienna, and Battle for Zaporozhian Sich).

My Ottoman/Allied army consists of:

Janissaries - 3 units
Irregular foot - 5 units
Tartars - 3 units
Irregular horse (can also pass for Tartars) - 5 units
Dellis - 1 unit
Medium Turkish cavalry - 4 units
Armoured Spahis - 2 units
Artillery - 3 large guns + crews
+ command

This period is colourful, fun, fascinating and flexible. As indicated a few months ago, I have added more singly based characters for the skirmish/RPG version of this collection: 'Gangs of Rus'. Apart from these, I still have possibly hundreds more figures to paint (most purchased in bring and buys at Warfare shows in Reading).

Armies on Parade II: 42mm November Uprising (1830-1831)

Here are some images of the November Uprising 42mm project I've been working on since the start of 2019.

Facing what is essentially a Napoleonic Russian army in green uniforms, is the Polish army of the Uprising, largely in blue.

Now for the Russians:

A Polish banner from the Uprising: "In the name of God, for our freedom and yours!"

Next Big Wargame Project - Sword Beach 6th June 1944 - Update 8

Progress to date. I have now completed the self propelled Artillery Regiments of the 3rd Infantry division, 7th Field Regiment (9th, 16th and 17th/43rd Field Batteries), 33rd Field Regiment (101st, 109th and 113th/114th Field batteries) and 76th Field Regiment (302nd, 303rd and 354th Field Batteries). Each Field Regiment is represented by 3 batteries of two Priest models and HQ platoon of a Dorchester ACV and Humber Scout Car. Each Regiment has 3 FOO's, one in a Sherman, one in a Carrier and the third on foot.

I have painted 2 more ambulances - to ensure there is one per brigade. One is an M5 halftrack and the other a Austin K2 ambulances using AB figures to load it. I am pleased with the result of the latter. A few additional medics have been painted to give one set per infantry battalion or Commando unit and some AB Military Police to get those vehicles moving off the beach and question German prisoners... (More rules to be added for them). I have also painted up some infantry suppression markers for each side.

To finish I have debased the next infantry Brigade, the M10s from 20th AT regiment, and the Shermans and support vehicles for the Staffordshire Yeomanry. These will get a slight re-touch in painting, an ink wash highlights and be re-based. There are a few other items I am working on to enhance the look of the game (such as road signs) as when we get together to play it.

Battle of Quatre Bras Part Two

The Battle continues

1800 Hours
Reille joins the 4th French Line Brigade In Boose Wood to try and bolters its morale in its fight with the advancing British Light brigade in the ensuing firefight Reille is shot dead and Wellington suffers a glancing hit and falls back out of the wood leaving the Light Brigade which in his absence presses home its attack causing the French Brigade to fall back disrupted in front of them. The British 1st Division (2 Brigades of Guards and Horse artillery) arrives and forms into columns with orders to help clear Boose wood.
The Brunswick artillery opened fire on the Cuirassiers on the hill whilst the French Horse Artillery continues to target the Hanoverian square
British 155 Victory points, France 191 Victory Points

1830 Hours
Jerome a Divisional General struggles to assert his authority over the French army after the demise of his Corp Commander Reille. The 6th and 9th Infantry Divisions and the Corp Cavalry Division hesitate and will not move. Jerome joins the disrupted 4th French Line Brigade in Boose Wood but cannot prevent the Brigade routing under fire from the British Light Brigade, losing control of a section of Boose wood which is now disputed with each side controlling one section of the wood. The light Brigade advances towards the French controlled section of the wood. To the right of Boose wood Wellington leads the 1st British Line Brigade of the 3rd Division in its firefight with the 3rd French line Brigade of the 6th Division, The French are deployed in line and open fire causing the British brigade to rout whilst Wellington can only watch them run away. Picton joins the Hanoverian Landwehr part of his 5th Division who are in square under fire from French horse artillery the Brigade routs and Picton is wounded.
The Brunswick Foot Artillery continues to fire on the Cuirassier Brigade causing it to rout and Kellerman retires from the field wounded.
British 187 Victory points, France 158 Victory Points

1900 Hours
Heritier takes command of the French III Cav Corp and joins the Corps Horse Artillery. The two Brigades of French 5th Division and the French Light Cavalry Brigade holding the hill fall back. The 5th French Infantry Brigade of the 9th Division wheels and moves into the British controlled section of Boose wood. The French III Corps Foot artillery behind the stream by Gemioncourt bridge have sight of the British light Brigade in Boose wood and fire upon them causing them to retire disrupted deeper into the wood. The Hanoverian Brigade of the British 3rd Division advances in line on the 3rd French Line Brigade exchanges fire with the French unit causing it to fall back disrupted towards the French Controlled section of Boose Wood. Wellington joins the British Light Brigade of the 3rd Division in Boose wood and rallies them up a level
British 187 Victory points, France 158 Victory Points

1930 Hours final turn
The Light Brigade of the British 3rd Division led by Wellington attacks and routs the French 5th Infantry Brigade clearing the British controlled section of the wood.
British 199 Victory points, France 158 Victory Points

The British Player chooses not to use the two extra turns and the Battle ends in a British victory

The turning point of the Battle was 1830 hours. The French player intended to unleash his Light Cavalry and Cuirassiers upon the British left flank as soon as the Hanoverian Landwehr Brigade in square had been routed by his horse artillery ( if this happened the British left flank would have been vulnerable with only the Brunswick Artillery and inferior Brunswick cavalry to oppose them) However although the Hanoverians were routed and Picton wounded Kellerman was also wounded and the Cuirassier Brigade routed under artillery fire from the Brunswick artillery(A series of bad morale rolls) . The French also lost control of Boose wood which was now disputed with each side controlling one section.

British Victory Points

Holding Road end A2 and Quatre Bras 140 points + Routing 1 French Veteran Line Infantry Unit, 1 French Veteran Cuirassier Unit and 1 French Elite Infantry unit 39 points + Killing/Wounding Ney, Reille and Kellerman 20 points - for a grand total of 199 points

French Victory Points

Holding Gemioncourt, Thyle and G Pierrepont 105 points + Routing 1 Hanoverian LW Militia Infantry unit, 1 Nassau Line Seasoned Infantry unit , 1 Db seasoned Artillery unit, 1 Db Seasoned Light Cavalry unit and 1 British Line Veteran Unit 48 points + wounding Picton 5 points- for a grand total of 158 points

Ownership Boose Wood was disputed neither side got any points for it

The British won the Battle by 199 points to 158 points

Unit of the Match for the British 2nd Br Lt Brigade from the 3rd Division it Killed Reille with musket fire 1800 hours , routed 4th Fr Ln 1830 hours and routed 5th Fr Ln 1930 hours . Honourable mention to 1st Bw Foot Artillery 9# who with one round of fire wounded Kellerman and routed the 1st Cuirassier Brigade

Unit of the match for the French 1st Cuirassier Brigade from III Cav Corp - they routed 1st Db Light Cavalry 1600 hours and routed 1st Db Foot Artillery 1630 hours. Honourable mention French 3rd Ln from 6th Division who panics 1st Ns Ln securing part of Boose Wood 1430 hours and routed 1st Br Ln with musket fire 1830 hours


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