World War Two - Eastern Front: Third Battle of Kharkov (1943), 2mm Refight

The third battle of Kharkov was the last major German victory on the Eastern Front, fought in February and March 1943. In order to reflect the epic sweep of the campaign, I used 2mm figures and my home-made Kampfgruppe rules for fastplay World War Two battles, during this club night encounter held on Friday 8 July.

Tank battles in the Desert WW2

Noel had decided to have a fun game on our Friday night session. Each player was given a squadron of tanks and once they were destroyed they were given another squadron. Each squadron was random depending upon your dice role. The period was early desert in WW2 and the rules used were a modified version of Crossfire. Entry point on the battles was also randomly determined. Needless to say as our tanks were replaceable a fierce tank battle ensured. Victory finally going to the Allies who were able to maximise the use of their their Matilda ~Mark I the battleships of the desert.

Seven Years War In The War Room

After the Friday night warm up Game we played a large Seven Year War game in the War Room. The objective was for the British side to attack and defeat the French Centre and one of their Wings. The French held a extensive ridge which was cut by a valley and its right flank partly protected by a river. The British elected to put the vast majority of their cavalry on their right wing and put their best infantry in the centre.

We were using Noel's home made rules which encouraged players to adopt larger linear formations as was historically accurate. The amount of formations that a player could move was down to the number they achieved on a Average D6. The British flank and Centre moved slowly forward whilst their left was held back containing their worst quality troops. The British right flank was up against a mixed force of French infantry and cavalry was unable to move quickly forward due to the large number of formations it contained. The British centre advanced towards the French centre which was strengthened by a village that was well defended by infantry and artillery.

The British centre finally engaged in a fire fight with its opponents after capturing some artillery which caused casualties as it had advanced. The French centre was being worn down and pressured the French to draw forces from elsewhere to bolster the line. However the British right flank were not making the progress they would like. Unfortunately the day ended before any part of the French forces could be broken. A French victory!

Seven Years War

In preparation for a big game in the War Room on the Friday night before we played a 7 Years War battle testing out Noel's house rules and using some of his fantastic 28mm British and French figures. The aim of the game was to get the players familiar with the period and rules for the bigger game. Some pictures of the action.

Williamite War in Ireland

For our Friday gaming session we played a more unusual period. The Williamite Wars. This was a conflict between Jacobites (supporters of the Scottish Catholic King James VII of Scotland) and Williamites (supporters of the Dutch Protestant Prince William of Orange) over who would be King of England, Scotland and Ireland. Noel has some beautiful 28mm figures which we were going to use on the night.

We divided the players into Jacobites and Williamites. The Williamite mission was to capture a ford over the river sweeping away the Jacobites. The Jacobites deployed first and made good progress on their right flank but were unable to penetrate further to capture the ford by the end of the evening. A great game was had by all and a different period of history to play.


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