Pikeman's Lament

The Pikeman’s Lament is a Pike and Shot skirmish game and the third in the series of expansions to Daniel Mersey’s popular Lion Rampant rules. The focus of the game is not on large battles but on encounters between smaller companies where pikemen and musketeers are grouped separately. Every unit has different special rules that provides special attacks or reaction effects. With different scenarios and a progression of experience for company commanders, there is the opportunity to stage campaigns with this rule set.

Battle of Dresden (1813) - 6mm refight

Here are some pictures of the Battle of Dresden game I put on on Friday 17 November 2017, using my collection of 6mm Heroics and Ros figures.

We used my home-made Coup de Grace (version 2.0) rules for large-scale battles. Up to 200 units were on table, and we managed to reach a decisive outcome, as the French (played by Richard, Noel, Pat, and Tim) withstood the Allied army, consisting of Austrian, Russian, and Prussian contingents led respectively by Jonathan, Mal, and Brian. Both sides received reinforcements during the game.


Ever wanted to guide the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth's legendary winged Hussars to victory against rebellious Cossacks, perfidious Tartars, or invading Ottoman Turks? (Not to mention Muscovite hordes or rampaging Swedes...)


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