Sudan 1895

First game in the "War Room" brought us to Sudan in the late 19th Century. Using some newly commissioned Perry figures (beautifully painted by Ross at Figure Painting) to refight a fictitious battle with the Brits embarking from the Nile at one of the board firstly to rescue a captured British Officer (Flashman) held in a village and finally capture a city at the other end protecting their supplies. The rules we were using were Black Powder. The new table has measured in at 22’ 5” by 6’ 1” and the Brits had to travel over the length. A tall order!

The Brits after long debates advanced slowly. The waiting Sudanese hurled all of their cavalry and camelry at the advancing Brits straight from the outset. All of which was brushed off with a few casualties and to the shocked British players, reappeared in the city at the end of the table to fight again. A grinding advance continued bring British casualties but the artillery and Gatling guns kept the Sudanese attacks blunted and uncoordinated. The Brit cavalry scouting ahead was caught and destroyed. Finally the Brits forced to advance quicker by blunder orders captured the village and rescued Flashman who led some native horse back into the fray. The Sudanese Cavalry fighting for the second time caused the loss of an infantry battalion but as dark approached the Sudanese resistance was fading fast. All felt that the British although they had not reach the city would be able to take it but the casualties were grim. A great game.

Crimean War - Russians vs Turks

Phil put on a Crimean War game in 15mm using Shako with Noel's home designed Command & Control system. The command & control system meant you rolled for the quality of commanders and the chances of their orders being fulfilled depended on their quality. Both players were lumbered with incompetent commanders which caused a number of issues later in the game. The game pitted the Russians against an entrenched Turkish Army. The Turks were defending the mouth of a valley and a few villages and set up first.

The massed Russian infantry advanced at a slow pace partly down to terrain and partly down to the quality of their commanders. The Russian guns advanced and soon set up, firing at the Turkish defensive line. Turkish guns replied causing casualties amongst the Russian infantry and their artillery. The Cossacks moved off to try and flank the Turkish right through some wooden terrain. The Russian juggernaut ground forward taking casualties but were not being stopped – largely down to the fact that all of the Russian commanders were involved in getting the infantry moving almost to the detriment of the rest of their forces. The Cossacks managed to advance on the right of the line which drew the Turkish cavalry from reserve to stop them. Russian artillery was slowing grinding down the centre before the Russian infantry hit the Turkish defensive line. Sheer weight of numbers drove in the Turkish centre and their right flank. The final blow was down to an incompetent Turkish commander not able to marshal their reserves to counter attack.

War Room Part 4 – Construction

The Cabin installation crew arrived as promised on 10th February, despite the weather and began construction. Mrs W thought that building an Ark might a better use of the wood rather than a Wargames Room! Based on the original programme cabin should have been built within 4 to 5 days - just in time for Valentine ’s Day. A great present for me but not quite on Mrs W's agenda for that day. However with the weather the completion date has now been scheduled for Thursday 20th. Fitting out will start to commence then too. I must admit the crew have worked in the most appalling conditions.

War Room Part 3 The Foundations!

It has been a busy time for the builders sorting out the reinforced concrete platform for the War Room. It has taken two cement trucks to complete the job and required builders to pump the cement from the front of the house to the rear garden. Pictures attached showing the progress! A messy job to say the least. More Good news I have an installation date of 10th February for the War Room with the construction taking 4-5 days . So I will get my War Room just in time for Valentine’s Day - not quite what Mrs W had in mind for that date.


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