Festival of History 4.6.2017

Hello on the 4th of June I attended the Festival of History at Royal Holloway University of London in Egham.
This was a free event
It consisted of a mixture of
1) Historical reenactors - English Civil War, Redcoats and Rebels, Medieval Knights and their retinues and a Suffragette demonstrating Self defence against ruffians.
2) Short plays put on by the Time Will Tell Theatre Company – ‘The Great Charter?’, ‘The Putney Debates’, ‘Deeds not Words’ and ‘Breaking the Chains’.

Refighting the Battle of Vitoria (1813)


We used Rob’s impressive wargames shed over three days (Friday 10th – Sunday 12th March 2017) to refight one of the decisive and more intricate battles of the Peninsular War, using several thousand well-painted 15mm figures mainly from Phil’s extensive collection. Noel also provided some Portuguese figures. Not wanting what promised to be quite a spectacle to be forgotten, I volunteered to be scribe and war reporter.


ECW - Club Night

I hosted one of the Friday club games and put on an ECW game. This was purely an infantry affair with the Royalist defending the outskirts of small town and the Parliamentarian forces were to take the town. We used our house rules. It was also an excuse to use my Grand manner Church which is a great model! The Royalist managed to hold the town as a result of a large collective morale failure on the side of Parliament after watching one of their first regiments rout.

Wargame Weekend – Napoleonic Peninsular war

The Other two-day wargame weekend was he had was a large Peninsular game which had a large French army out to destroy a Spanish Army before being rescued by its British allies. We used Phil’s great collection of 15mm figures.

As I played the Spanish on day one and the French on day two I saw the battle from both perspectives. It was a great game although I was somewhat poor in my photographic coverage over the two day!. Despite playing for 2 days we did not have a conclusion although the British were making strong headway against a tired and battered French army at the end of Day 2


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