Ever wanted to guide the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth's legendary winged Hussars to victory against rebellious Cossacks, perfidious Tartars, or invading Ottoman Turks? (Not to mention Muscovite hordes or rampaging Swedes...)

ACW in 28mm

Noel has recently replaced his 15mm ACW figures with a 28mm collection which was very impressive. They had the full debut in the War Room using Noel House rules. A great game in a different scale from our usual ACW adventures.

ACW - An Alternative Gettysburg

In the war room we out on an alternative Gettysburg game. Historical forces were used and lined up opposite each on a fictional battlefield. In this scenario the Union forces were to attack. It is a game I will remember as I lost my entire Union Corp before lunch launching futile attacks on a huge rebel artillery park! Victory went to the Rebels!!!


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