Early Desert War in 15mm

Mark and Simon put on a great 15mm WW2 game based on the early Desert War. Here is how the game went and for me as the Desert Rats player the war was over..... The Deutche Afrika Corp have identified a lightly guarded fuel dump in the Libyan desert. They send forward a battle group of seven panzer III, three panzer IV and two panzer II with infantry in half tracks, armoured cars and two PAK 40 anti-tank guns. The British have a platoon of men, some light armoured cars and two 2 pounder anti-tank guns all dug into the town and around the fuel dump.

Vietnam - Charlie Don't Surf

Richard kindly put on a great Vietnam game that has spurred me on to start painting my 20mm Vietnam collection. I brought down some of my home made jungle pieces and a few hooches that I had to add a bit of flavour and some Flames of war Paddy field. The game was one of the scenarios from Charlie Don't Surf scenario book Surf's Up. It was a search and destroy mission by the US forces centred on on a Vietnamese village.

WW2 - Hill 112 - Normandy 1944

For our December game at the War Room I put on a WW2 game set in Normandy 1944 based loosely on the British army's attempt to capture 112. This involved a British infantry attack supported by Churchill tanks attacking dug in Germans in particular SS panzer grenadiers. We used the Battlegroup rules and unfortunately we made a few errors in playing the game. The main error was under providing the British players with activation cards which really hampered their attacks. The British attacked with 3 companies of infantry each supported by a troop of Churchill tanks.

Napoleonic Fun In the War Room

Noel set up a interesting scenario which positioned the French army on a central plateau being attacked by two armies one at each end of the table. We used a modified version of Shako. From one side advanced a Prussian army from the other side advance a an Anglo-Portuguese army. Unfortunately the details are lost in time but I recall it was a great game with the French winning a the game which was a close run thing. They first focused on defeating the Prussians before turning their attention onto the Anglo-Portuguse army. Lots of pictures to look at.


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