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B of B: Polish Army (3)

Some pictures of my Polish tanks (3 x FT-17s), Garford-Putilov armoured car, and Albatros DIII plane of the Kosciuszko Squadron, for Back of Beyond. These have been quick and easy to paint, using spray paints, then dry-brushed, with vehicle names or aircraft detailing by hand.

On to Moscow!

Here are some pictures of my cavalry units for Back of Beyond; part two of how my Polish army is progressing.

The lancers with blue-over-white pennants are the 4th Uhlans, a Polish army unit based in Lithuania, which had Napoleonic antecedents; these are Great War Miniatures' British WW1 lancers with Polish paint-job. The figures are a bit bigger than the Irregular Miniatures' castings I used for the remaining units, but it's not too noticeable.

Back of Beyond: Piotr's Polish Army (1)

Here are some pictures of my Polish army for Back of Beyond which I've been working on recently. Shown are: two units of Polish regular infantry, and three units of Polish 'Legionary' infantry in shirtsleeve order (54 figures in all). The former were 'White' infantry from Copplestone, the latter were 70p a piece 'British in caps in Mesopotamia in WW1' - cheapos from Warrior Miniatures. I intend to add officers and standard bearers, as well as sabot bases, to all my infantry units in due course.

Back of Beyond: Philip's Bolshevik Horde!

Many of us are currently busy buying, organising, and painting our Back of Beyond armies for a campaign to be staged some time later this year. Philip and Rob are both fielding Bolshevik armies (among others).

Below are some photos of Philip Marshall's Bolsheviks, painted by Chris Cornell.

They are indeed enviably well-painted (sabot bases and commissar with loudhailer being a nice touch) with flags flying and scenic groundwork in particular tying the whole lot together!

A Curious Year: A Look Back at 2020

This year Heston and Ealing Wargamers have largely been left to their own devices wargaming wise.

The Covid-19 pandemic from March onwards has seen our meetings at Northfields Community Centre cancelled, and no meaningful gaming taking place in person using real figures in a face-to-face way.


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