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Coup de Grace: Bautzen (1813) in 6mm

Ever heard of Bautzen? Most Napoleonic buffs have, but might be hard pressed to imagine the course of the engagement itself. I looked into the battle, cross referencing maps from the internet with orders of battle available online and in books I have at home, in order to present a one-off refight at the club.

Refighting the Battle of Vitoria (1813)


We used Rob’s impressive wargames shed over three days (Friday 10th – Sunday 12th March 2017) to refight one of the decisive and more intricate battles of the Peninsular War, using several thousand well-painted 15mm figures mainly from Phil’s extensive collection. Noel also provided some Portuguese figures. Not wanting what promised to be quite a spectacle to be forgotten, I volunteered to be scribe and war reporter.


World War Two - Eastern Front: Third Battle of Kharkov (1943), 2mm Refight

The third battle of Kharkov was the last major German victory on the Eastern Front, fought in February and March 1943. In order to reflect the epic sweep of the campaign, I used 2mm figures and my home-made Kampfgruppe rules for fastplay World War Two battles, during this club night encounter held on Friday 8 July.


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