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Renaissance - Second Italian Wars

Wargaming under the rule of 6 continued with Renaissance game. Chris kindly brought over his magnificent collection of Renaissance figures - which we told were a product of the Lockdown. It was French, Italian and Swiss against Spanish, Landsknechts and Venetians.

Phil and I played the French and Chris, Brian and Philip Marshall played the Spanish & Venetian. Both sides left flanks collapsed our Burgundians were crushed by Spanish Colunela whilst the Landsknechts were mowed down by the Swiss pike. The centre was largely Spanish held wit [some French Gendarmes on the way to see if they could clear them. A great game and absolutely fantastic figures.

Back of Beyond - My Bolos are completed

At last I have completed my Bolshevik army for the BOB games we intend to play. I have 11 units of infantry formed into 4 "brigades" each with a commander and MMG, 6 cavalry units in 3 "brigades" supported by 2 Tachankas. The army has support from 2 field guns, 2 armoured cars (Garford-Putilov & Austin-Kegresse half track), a tank (FT17), a Nieuport 17 plane and an armoured train...

You will also see some armoured car crew, Commissars, Pilot, Heroines of the Soviet union and Mikhail Borodin! Looking forward to getting walloped by those fierce Polish troops.

Wargaming Again under the Rule of 6!

I hosted a game in the War Room now we can meet up again under the rule of 6. I put on a 20mm Vietnam game set in 1965 with all the players apart from Phil as the US. Their mission was to search for rice and weapons catches and destroy f possible a Local VC unit of around company strength in the area.

The US had a company of grunts that could be ferried in by helicopter to several locations on the board working in conjunction with a mechanised infantry company in M113 . Air support and artillery support was also available. Attached are some pictures at the end of the game after they were successful in finding most of the food and weapons. They were unable to destroy the VC who suffered far fewer casualties than their US counterparts thanks to some seriously good shooting by Phil!

Back of Beyond - Rob's Progress Update!

Nearly all of my orders have arrived from various companies such as North Star (Copplestone) , Empress Miniatures, Siberia Miniatures, War Bases and Warlord. Just waiting on one from Brigade Games. I am working on two armies, a Bolshevik army and white Russian Army. The latter being smaller at this stage. I have now prepped my figures and made various models. Some of the models were a challenge to make as none of them came with assembly instructions. in particular the War Base Tachankas which were a real brain teaser!

My Bolshevik Army will comprise of 10 Infantry units - 12 figures strong each; 5 Ordinary Infantry units (2 in Greatcoats), 2 elite Infantry, 2 units of sailors and 1 unit unit of Siberian Rifles. These will be supported by 5 Lewis gunners, 3 Maxim MGs and 2 artillery pieces. I have 6 cavalry units (8 figures strong), one of which are Lancers. These will be supported by 2 Tachankas. The whole army will be supported by an armoured car (not sure the Austin I have acquired will fight for the Whites or Reds yet), a FT-17 Tank and a Nieuport 17 Fighter plane.
My white Army will have 6 Infantry units (12 strong) including a dismounted Kuban Cossack unit supported by 4 Lewis gunners and 2 Maxim MGs and 2 Artillery guns. The White Cavalry has 4 units (8 Figures each) - all Cossacks. the Army will be supported by tank (MK IV - it really should be a MK V) and yet purchased armoured car and plane.

I could not resist getting a few more books on the period. This helps me get enthused about painting. I will start painting them soon in between my WW2 naval (1/3000 scale) and 20mm WW2 figures.

Planning to go to the "Back of Beyond"

The lack of gaming is very frustrating, but we are as a club staying in contact by email etc and more recently by Zoom. At our AGM we decided that the club would venture into the Back of Beyond a fascinating period of turmoil in Central Asia during and after the Russian Civil War between 1917 – 1922.

There are numerous armies and factions to choose from and I am sure we will add in a few novel ones too. Some of the options are listed below
Afghan Army, American Army, Baron von Ungern-Sternberg's Asiatic Cavalry Division, Basmachis, Bolsheviks, British Indian Army, Central Asian Bandits, Chinese Chinghai Frontier Armies, Chinese Bandit, Chinese Warlords, Czech Legion, Dinosaurs Hunters, French Army, German Asia Korps, Japanese Army, Mongolian Tribesmen, Ngoloks, Polish army (1919), The “Army of God” (Led by Manabendra Nath Roy), Tibetans, Turkish Army & White Russians.

I have decided to build a Bolshevik and White Russian army to start with. I have ordered figures mainly from North Star / Copestone range. I have also acquired a few figures and flags from Siberia Miniatures and vehicles from Empress Miniatures and Warlord. The main bulk of my figures arrives tomorrow!
A big thank you to Nick Eyre of North Star has given the club a helping hand to get their armies.
I have started to pull some out reference material and books to get me into the period. I will post updates on the progress of painting my armies in between re-basing and painting my WW2 collection where I have just finished a scaled down Stug Brigade and some Stug IVs.


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