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Next Big Wargame Project - Sword Beach 6th June 1944 - Update 8

Progress to date. I have now completed the self propelled Artillery Regiments of the 3rd Infantry division, 7th Field Regiment (9th, 16th and 17th/43rd Field Batteries), 33rd Field Regiment (101st, 109th and 113th/114th Field batteries) and 76th Field Regiment (302nd, 303rd and 354th Field Batteries). Each Field Regiment is represented by 3 batteries of two Priest models and HQ platoon of a Dorchester ACV and Humber Scout Car. Each Regiment has 3 FOO's, one in a Sherman, one in a Carrier and the third on foot.

I have painted 2 more ambulances - to ensure there is one per brigade. One is an M5 halftrack and the other a Austin K2 ambulances using AB figures to load it. I am pleased with the result of the latter. A few additional medics have been painted to give one set per infantry battalion or Commando unit and some AB Military Police to get those vehicles moving off the beach and question German prisoners... (More rules to be added for them). I have also painted up some infantry suppression markers for each side.

To finish I have debased the next infantry Brigade, the M10s from 20th AT regiment, and the Shermans and support vehicles for the Staffordshire Yeomanry. These will get a slight re-touch in painting, an ink wash highlights and be re-based. There are a few other items I am working on to enhance the look of the game (such as road signs) as when we get together to play it.

Next Big Wargame Project - Sword Beach 6th June 1944 - Update 7

Getting into the final straight now although Lock down will highly likely cause a postponement on the game. Mar Stalin will not be happy... I have now managed to paint all the German defenders. all guns and artillery pieces now done along with infantry, medics and even suppression counters (wounded and dead Germans). I managed to get my airbrush out on the German models and had my first attempt at making and foliage to some SP guns. I was pleased with the effect.

All my Commandos and Royal marines are painted (over 340 of them!) See here is the 1st Special Service Brigade led by Lord Lovat with his Piper Bill Millin (currently in 2 colour schemes). That comprises of No 3 Commando, No 4 Commando, No 6 Commando, No 45 (Royal marine) Commando and No 10 (French) Commando. In addition to land on the right flank is No 41 (Royal Marine) Commando from 4th Special service brigade, Both Brigades are supported by 5th Independent Armoured Support Battery - Centaurs and Sherman Op tanks. Next on the painting table are 3 SP Artillery Regiments and to re-base, SP AT batteries of M10s, 185th infantry Brigade and a Sherman Battalion.

Next Big Wargame Project - Sword Beach 6th June 1944 - Update 6

Whilst we are staying at home this is giving me some more time (when I can hide from family) to make some progress on this project. I sincerely hope we are are all out of this by then.

All landing craft have now been painted. 6 LCTs, 2 LCI(s), 12 LCAs and 16 LCMs and 1 Landing craft Rocket. The first few waves of the Brits have now been painted. The DD tanks (featured in early blog) are done. To add to these I have completed, Hobart's Funnies - 77th and 79th Assault squadrons, The Royal Marine Armoured Support Battery, and The Beach group with its supporting weaponry. The First infantry Brigade is also completed along with its HQ and medics. I have also painted the 2 MMG companies that landed with the two infantry brigades

I have now started on the Germans which should not take too long. In the pictures are captured French and Skoda Artillery pieces and a few SP guns and AT guns. After the Germans, are the Stafordshire Yemonary Shermans, the second Infantry Brigade, three armoured artillery regiments, SP AT gun troops, and five Commandos to paint.....

Next Big Wargame Project - Sword Beach 6th June 1944 - Update 1944 - Update 5

I am still hopeful of being ready for next June. Terrain making has taken up a large part of my time. I have been making extra beach sections some with sea walls. These are are nearly complete. I am also re-painting by sea/ beach sections to match the new beach sections which will be complete by next week hopefully.

German Strongpoints are all planned and bunkers etc purchased (All Britannia / Defence in Depth) for each one. Cutting of foam has commenced although I have been wrestling over the depth of the trenches. In reality the figures should be unseen when in a trench unless they are on a firing step. I have gone for the visual war game look, so the figures are seen when they are placed in the trench. To complete the project I need to make 9 German Strongpoints. The largest will be 450mm by 1200mm (COD) which will be over 4 boards to allow for storage. A few more landing craft have been painted including a Landing Craft Rocket (Britannia) which will have a cameo role at the start of the game.

Wave 1 for the British has been completed the 13th / 18th Hussars have been painted and based which will be Wave 1 and part of Wave 5. Only another 12 waves to sort out for the Brits.

Next Big Wargame Project - Sword Beach D-Day 6th June 1944 - Update 4

I have been waylaid a bit on this project painting WW2 1:3000 scale ships for a future Guadalcanal Campaign with Richard along with hundreds of 1;600 scale planes. In addition I have also been adding to my Dearth in Dark Continent ranges by painting lots of Foundry 28mm Colonial African figures. However I am now completely focused on getting this project ready for next June. I have started to layout the terrain to work out what I need to complete the table. I want to create an additional 200mm deep beach section to add to the water sections I have, some of which will have sea walls.

Painting has started on the landing craft see attached pictures of some LCTs and LCMs.(all from Britannia miniatures). In addition I have added to the German artillery of 1716th artillery regiment, a Skoda 100mm Gun and a French 155mm gun (Early War Miniatures) for strong points Morris and Daimler respectively. Also acquired some Heavy British AA, a 3.7 inch gun (SHQ) for the beach group and Valentine Bridge-layer (Armourfast vehicle with conversion set from S and S models) which was attached to HQ of Staffordshire Yeomanry 27th Armoured Brigade. These have been made and primed, ready for painting.

Working on the LCIs and a Rocket Support Ship. I have run out of RN Light Grey B5 paint from colourcoats who are out of stock so the LCAs are on hold at the moment.I have started to paint Wave 1 the 13/18th Hussars with their DD Sherman tanks


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