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Back of Beyond - Rob's Progress Update!

Nearly all of my orders have arrived from various companies such as North Star (Copplestone) , Empress Miniatures, Siberia Miniatures, War Bases and Warlord. Just waiting on one from Brigade Games. I am working on two armies, a Bolshevik army and white Russian Army. The latter being smaller at this stage. I have now prepped my figures and made various models. Some of the models were a challenge to make as none of them came with assembly instructions. in particular the War Base Tachankas which were a real brain teaser!

My Bolshevik Army will comprise of 10 Infantry units - 12 figures strong each; 5 Ordinary Infantry units (2 in Greatcoats), 2 elite Infantry, 2 units of sailors and 1 unit unit of Siberian Rifles. These will be supported by 5 Lewis gunners, 3 Maxim MGs and 2 artillery pieces. I have 6 cavalry units (8 figures strong), one of which are Lancers. These will be supported by 2 Tachankas. The whole army will be supported by an armoured car (not sure the Austin I have acquired will fight for the Whites or Reds yet), a FT-17 Tank and a Nieuport 17 Fighter plane.
My white Army will have 6 Infantry units (12 strong) including a dismounted Kuban Cossack unit supported by 4 Lewis gunners and 2 Maxim MGs and 2 Artillery guns. The White Cavalry has 4 units (8 Figures each) - all Cossacks. the Army will be supported by tank (MK IV - it really should be a MK V) and yet purchased armoured car and plane.

I could not resist getting a few more books on the period. This helps me get enthused about painting. I will start painting them soon in between my WW2 naval (1/3000 scale) and 20mm WW2 figures.

Planning to go to the "Back of Beyond"

The lack of gaming is very frustrating, but we are as a club staying in contact by email etc and more recently by Zoom. At our AGM we decided that the club would venture into the Back of Beyond a fascinating period of turmoil in Central Asia during and after the Russian Civil War between 1917 – 1922.

There are numerous armies and factions to choose from and I am sure we will add in a few novel ones too. Some of the options are listed below
Afghan Army, American Army, Baron von Ungern-Sternberg's Asiatic Cavalry Division, Basmachis, Bolsheviks, British Indian Army, Central Asian Bandits, Chinese Chinghai Frontier Armies, Chinese Bandit, Chinese Warlords, Czech Legion, Dinosaurs Hunters, French Army, German Asia Korps, Japanese Army, Mongolian Tribesmen, Ngoloks, Polish army (1919), The “Army of God” (Led by Manabendra Nath Roy), Tibetans, Turkish Army & White Russians.

I have decided to build a Bolshevik and White Russian army to start with. I have ordered figures mainly from North Star / Copestone range. I have also acquired a few figures and flags from Siberia Miniatures and vehicles from Empress Miniatures and Warlord. The main bulk of my figures arrives tomorrow!
A big thank you to Nick Eyre of North Star has given the club a helping hand to get their armies.
I have started to pull some out reference material and books to get me into the period. I will post updates on the progress of painting my armies in between re-basing and painting my WW2 collection where I have just finished a scaled down Stug Brigade and some Stug IVs.

Next Big Wargame Project - Sword Beach 6th June 1944 - Update 8

Progress to date. I have now completed the self propelled Artillery Regiments of the 3rd Infantry division, 7th Field Regiment (9th, 16th and 17th/43rd Field Batteries), 33rd Field Regiment (101st, 109th and 113th/114th Field batteries) and 76th Field Regiment (302nd, 303rd and 354th Field Batteries). Each Field Regiment is represented by 3 batteries of two Priest models and HQ platoon of a Dorchester ACV and Humber Scout Car. Each Regiment has 3 FOO's, one in a Sherman, one in a Carrier and the third on foot.

I have painted 2 more ambulances - to ensure there is one per brigade. One is an M5 halftrack and the other a Austin K2 ambulances using AB figures to load it. I am pleased with the result of the latter. A few additional medics have been painted to give one set per infantry battalion or Commando unit and some AB Military Police to get those vehicles moving off the beach and question German prisoners... (More rules to be added for them). I have also painted up some infantry suppression markers for each side.

To finish I have debased the next infantry Brigade, the M10s from 20th AT regiment, and the Shermans and support vehicles for the Staffordshire Yeomanry. These will get a slight re-touch in painting, an ink wash highlights and be re-based. There are a few other items I am working on to enhance the look of the game (such as road signs) as when we get together to play it.

Next Big Wargame Project - Sword Beach 6th June 1944 - Update 7

Getting into the final straight now although Lock down will highly likely cause a postponement on the game. Mar Stalin will not be happy... I have now managed to paint all the German defenders. all guns and artillery pieces now done along with infantry, medics and even suppression counters (wounded and dead Germans). I managed to get my airbrush out on the German models and had my first attempt at making and foliage to some SP guns. I was pleased with the effect.

All my Commandos and Royal marines are painted (over 340 of them!) See here is the 1st Special Service Brigade led by Lord Lovat with his Piper Bill Millin (currently in 2 colour schemes). That comprises of No 3 Commando, No 4 Commando, No 6 Commando, No 45 (Royal marine) Commando and No 10 (French) Commando. In addition to land on the right flank is No 41 (Royal Marine) Commando from 4th Special service brigade, Both Brigades are supported by 5th Independent Armoured Support Battery - Centaurs and Sherman Op tanks. Next on the painting table are 3 SP Artillery Regiments and to re-base, SP AT batteries of M10s, 185th infantry Brigade and a Sherman Battalion.

Next Big Wargame Project - Sword Beach 6th June 1944 - Update 6

Whilst we are staying at home this is giving me some more time (when I can hide from family) to make some progress on this project. I sincerely hope we are are all out of this by then.

All landing craft have now been painted. 6 LCTs, 2 LCI(s), 12 LCAs and 16 LCMs and 1 Landing craft Rocket. The first few waves of the Brits have now been painted. The DD tanks (featured in early blog) are done. To add to these I have completed, Hobart's Funnies - 77th and 79th Assault squadrons, The Royal Marine Armoured Support Battery, and The Beach group with its supporting weaponry. The First infantry Brigade is also completed along with its HQ and medics. I have also painted the 2 MMG companies that landed with the two infantry brigades

I have now started on the Germans which should not take too long. In the pictures are captured French and Skoda Artillery pieces and a few SP guns and AT guns. After the Germans, are the Stafordshire Yemonary Shermans, the second Infantry Brigade, three armoured artillery regiments, SP AT gun troops, and five Commandos to paint.....


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