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War Room - The creation of a new hobby Room

A requirement for larger rooms for my children resulted in a "family" request to convert my loft wargames room into 2 bedrooms. Not wanting to be without a wargames room I negotiated for the creation of a new room in the garden. My architect called it a hobby room but more worrying Mrs W described it as a Garden Summer House! To save any further land grab from the family it was christened the "War Room" to avoid any confusion over its use. Although with the amount of cabinets being built to hold my figures and terrain it has been suggested that it becomes the Cabinet(ry) War Room.

After a year of work putting together plans for the loft, working out the war room size, layout what it looked like, getting planning permission, selecting cabin manufactures and appointing builders the work has finally started on the War Room - Saturday 18th January ( the day in 1520 that Christian II of Denmark & Norway defeats Swedes at Lake Asunde).

Attached are a few pictures showing the removal of the shed, the removal of he kids play house and the start of the footings.

ACW - Second Battle of Bull Run (Heston & Ealing Style)

Here are some pictures from a recent ACW game we played using the historical forces from day two of The Second Battle of Bull Run or Second Manassas (August 28–30, 1862). However they were deployed as the players saw fit on a different battlefield layout.

The Confederate players opted for a even deploment across the battlefield whilst the Union forces were more thickly deployed in their centre and left. Both sides delpoyed behind a screen that was erected down the middle of the table to give a little bit of surprise to both sides.

The Confederates marginally outnumbered in troops but significantly outgunned decided to hold in the centre and right and launch a left hook. The Union forces advanced on their left to start with and pushed forward in the centre. The confederates held in the centre and their right with some great melee results curtsey of some lucky dice rolls from Phil - although their shooting was far from effective! The Confederate left hook run out of steam by the end of the evening and the fight was declared a draw.

A few close up snaps of the action are attached.

Figures are 15mm from a number of manufacturers but a large proportion coming from Essex, Peter Pig and AB figures.

English Civil War

A lone picture of a recent ECW game we played using Rob's 28mm figures. These are from a number of manufacturers but mainly from Renegade and Bicorne. For this game the rules we used were Forlorn Hope. Getting the right set of ECW rules is proving a challenge for our club!

WWI Game

A few pictures of a WWI game we played a few months ago using Noel's 20mm figures. The battlefield and the British troops in their starting postions


Waterloo By J Hobbs

We re-fought Waterloo in 15mm (50% Scaled down) using Shako 2 rules

Waterloo the Armies face one another before battle commences and an optimistic Wellington defies the French.

As a French Grand Battery fires on the British Lines D'Erlon's 1st Corp moves up with Marcognet's and Durutte's Divisions setting of first -On the French left flank Jerome's Division watches Hougamont- meanwhile Jaquinot's Cavalry Division moves up to protect the right flank of D'Erlon's Corp as Vandeleur and 4 regiments of British Light cavalry move between Papelotte and La Haye to threaten it. Jaquinot's outnumbered cavalry charge the leading British Cavalry regiments whose commanders lead from the front to bolster their morale. The British cavalry are contained between Papeltte and Le Haye as the blown cavalry regiments of both sides fall back.

The French Divisions of Marcognet and Durutte from D'Erlons Corp advance getting ready to move through the 1st Corps French Grand battery, Wellington sends three British Heavy regiment Plus Horse Artillery to reinforce his left flank -as they move they take hits from the French Grand Battery shots bouncing over the ridge line. The British right is bathed in sunlight as four British Light cavalry regiments move to the front. In the Centre some German riflemen move out of Le Haye Sainte to fire on the 2nd French Grand battery formed from the Batteries of Reilles 2nd Corps ,whilst the rest of the British centre behind La Haye Sainte awaits developments. The British Heavy cavalry led by the Scots Greys continue there movement behind the ridge line to reinforce the British Left Flank in order to threaten D'Erlons Corps


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