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Vietnam - Charlie Don't Surf

Richard kindly put on a great Vietnam game that has spurred me on to start painting my 20mm Vietnam collection. I brought down some of my home made jungle pieces and a few hooches that I had to add a bit of flavour and some Flames of war Paddy field. The game was one of the scenarios from Charlie Don't Surf scenario book Surf's Up. It was a search and destroy mission by the US forces centred on on a Vietnamese village.

WW2 - Hill 112 - Normandy 1944

For our December game at the War Room I put on a WW2 game set in Normandy 1944 based loosely on the British army's attempt to capture 112. This involved a British infantry attack supported by Churchill tanks attacking dug in Germans in particular SS panzer grenadiers. We used the Battlegroup rules and unfortunately we made a few errors in playing the game. The main error was under providing the British players with activation cards which really hampered their attacks. The British attacked with 3 companies of infantry each supported by a troop of Churchill tanks.

Napoleonic Fun In the War Room

Noel set up a interesting scenario which positioned the French army on a central plateau being attacked by two armies one at each end of the table. We used a modified version of Shako. From one side advanced a Prussian army from the other side advance a an Anglo-Portuguese army. Unfortunately the details are lost in time but I recall it was a great game with the French winning a the game which was a close run thing. They first focused on defeating the Prussians before turning their attention onto the Anglo-Portuguse army. Lots of pictures to look at.


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