Armies on Parade III: Eastern Renaissance

Well, this series is getting a head of steam!

The thunder of hooves resounds as the Husaria charges home! As someone once said of the Polish winged hussars: 'We're here to kick ass and eat pierogi. And we're all out of pierogi'.

Here we have photos of my 28mm Eastern Renaissance armies, which have seen action on Fridays, and at two big games at Rob's war room (Relief of Vienna, and Battle for Zaporozhian Sich).

One of the advantages of this period is that different units are interchangeable, so Cossacks and Tartars can play on either side; 'Polish' infantry can play as Muscovite, Transylvanian, or Balkan; while Reiters can play as dragoons. Guns can be used by any faction; and all this before we add in any of the possible shifting alliances on the southeastern borderlands...

My Polish-Lithuanian/Allied army consists of:

Polish infantry - 4 units
German (or mercenary) infantry - 1 unit
Hussars - 2 units
Pancerni - 3 units
Reiters - 2 units
Cossacks - 2 units
Artillery - 2 large guns + crews, 4 battalion guns + crews (only 2 displayed here)
+ command figures

My Ottoman/Allied army consists of:

Janissaries - 3 units
Irregular foot - 5 units
Tartars - 3 units
Irregular horse (can also pass for Tartars) - 5 units
Dellis - 1 unit
Medium Turkish cavalry - 4 units
Armoured Spahis - 2 units
Artillery - 3 large guns + crews
+ command

This period is colourful, fun, fascinating and flexible. As indicated a few months ago, I have added more singly based characters for the skirmish/RPG version of this collection: 'Gangs of Rus'. Apart from these, I still have possibly hundreds more figures to paint (most purchased in bring and buys at Warfare shows in Reading).