War Room - The creation of a new hobby Room

A requirement for larger rooms for my children resulted in a "family" request to convert my loft wargames room into 2 bedrooms. Not wanting to be without a wargames room I negotiated for the creation of a new room in the garden. My architect called it a hobby room but more worrying Mrs W described it as a Garden Summer House! To save any further land grab from the family it was christened the "War Room" to avoid any confusion over its use. Although with the amount of cabinets being built to hold my figures and terrain it has been suggested that it becomes the Cabinet(ry) War Room.

After a year of work putting together plans for the loft, working out the war room size, layout what it looked like, getting planning permission, selecting cabin manufactures and appointing builders the work has finally started on the War Room - Saturday 18th January ( the day in 1520 that Christian II of Denmark & Norway defeats Swedes at Lake Asunde).

Attached are a few pictures showing the removal of the shed, the removal of he kids play house and the start of the footings.