Renaissance - Italian Wars 1494 - 1559

We used a modified set of Pike & Shotte to use Noel’s excellent Foundry Renaissance figures to game an encounter between the Italian city sates. One side was elected to be the attacker and were given an almost two to one advantage in pike units (although inferior quality). The defenders were given a couple pieces of artillery and a few more arquebusiers. Deployment was done, one unit at a time with each side throwing a dice – the higher of which placed a unit. The attacking side elected to place most of their cavalry on their left flank and place a line of halberdiers and arquebusiers in front of their pike troops. Whilst the defender elected for a more balanced deployment with equal amounts of cavalry and artillery on both flanks and their pike in a block in the centre with their halberdiers and arquebusiers in front of them, spread out in a thinner line.

The first shots of the game by artillery caused early casualties. The attacker moved his line of halberdiers and arquebusiers forward to engage and disrupt their opposition to soften them up for their pike. The attackers cavalry on the left flank however decided to have “a brew” for several turns before following out the C & Cs orders to attack thanks to some very poor command dice. The defenders threw in their cavalry on their left flank early and wiped out a few units before being routed by a mass of pikes. The attacker’s halberdiers and arquebusiers commander decided to have a long lunch for 5 turns and seemed incapable of ordering his units forward (again thanks to some appalling command dice rolls).

Finally the attackers left flank cavalry did move and swept away their opposition thanks entirely to superior numbers whilst the attackers front line finally engaged and weight of numbers told in the end. A valiant effort by the defenders but numbers won the day for the attacker despite their incompetent commanders!