War Room Part 3 The Foundations!

It has been a busy time for the builders sorting out the reinforced concrete platform for the War Room. It has taken two cement trucks to complete the job and required builders to pump the cement from the front of the house to the rear garden. Pictures attached showing the progress! A messy job to say the least. More Good news I have an installation date of 10th February for the War Room with the construction taking 4-5 days . So I will get my War Room just in time for Valentine’s Day - not quite what Mrs W had in mind for that date. Thereafter it will be full pelt kitting out and stocking the new room. I have been working hard packing up my collection for both my new Study /Library / Office and Painting Station (My son’s old room) and the War Room but in doing so Mrs W has noticed my hidden unpainted lead mountain that has avoided detection in the loft… this may prove costly.