2 Day Napoleonic Mega Game in the War Room – Day 1 Blog 1

For our Easter 2 day game we decided to play a big Napoleonic game. Noel volunteered to put together the scenario and the end result was a huge game of over 11,500 15 mm figures from the collections of Phil, Noel and Dave. The game was set in 1813. With Prussians, Austrians and Russians against the French and their allies, Italians, Neapolitan and Polish. We decided to use a marginally modified version of Shako but dropped the skirmishers for speed.

The French forces were made up of 5 Infantry Corps and 2 Cavalry Corps, 1st Corps was the Guard which had 2 Infantry Divisions, the Old/Middle Guard and Young Guard and 3 Guard cavalry divisions, 1 Heavy and 2 light. 2nd Corps was 3 French infantry division and a Light cavalry division attached. 3rd Corps was formed of 1 French Infantry Division and 3 Italian Infantry divisions with 2 Italian cavalry divisions attached. The 4th Corps was made up of 3 French Infantry divisions and Neapolitan Infantry Division with 1 French Light Cavalry Division attached along with a Neapolitan Cavalry Division. The 5th Corps was made up of 3 Polish Infantry Divisions and 2 Polish Light Cavalry divisions. In reserve were 2 Cavalry Corps 1st heavy cavalry Corps consisting of 3 Heavy Cavalry division and the 2nd Cavalry Corps consisting of the 1 Polish Heavy cavalry Division and 2 French Light Cavalry divisions.

On The Allies the Prussians formed 2 Infantry Corps each of 3 infantry Divisions and attached light cavalry divisions. There were 2 cavalry corps in reserve the 1st was comprised of 3 heavy cavalry divisions the 2nd was made up of 2 light cavalry divisions. The Austrians were also made up of 2 Infantry Corps. The 1st had 4 infantry divisions and a Light Cavalry division. The 2nd was formed of 2 infantry divisions, 1 Grenadier Division and 1 Bavarian Infantry division. This had 2 light cavalry divisions attached 1 Bavarian and 1st Austrian. In reserve for the Austrians were 1 heavy Cavalry Corps comprised of 2 divisions. Finally the Russian were made up of 1 Infantry Corps of 4 infantry Divisions and 1 Cavalry Corps consisting of 1 Heavy Cavalry Division and 2 Light Cavalry division. Roaming around the flanks were Cossack brigade.