2 Day Napoleonic Mega Game in the War Room – Day 1 Blog 2

Total numbers for both sides were as follows; for the French, 143 Infantry Battalions, and 105 Cavalry regiments 23 Gun Batteries. For the Allies they had 152 infantry battalions, 79 Cavalry regiments and 20 Gun batteries. The players for the French side were on day one C & C & Guard (Gary), 2nd Corps (Alan), 3rd Corps (Simon), 4th Corps (Mark), 5th Corps (Brian) and Cavalry Corps (Gary / Scotty). On the Allies side 1st Prussian Corps (Phil, 2nd Prussian Corps (Jonathan), 1st Austrian Corps (Francis) 2nd Austrian Corps (Dave) and the Russian Corps & C&C (Pete). Noel and I umpired for the first day.

The object for the game was the French to drive the allies from the field. The table was set up as a valley running from the length of the table with a stream cutting through the valley and a number of villages and one small town with a few woods scattered across the table. Over the previous few nights I set up all the troops to save time and the players were allowed to make adjustments within their Corps boundaries. In certain areas the forces were within close artillery range but outside canister range. Despite the fact we were playing on a 22’ 5” table with the sheer numbers of figures on the table this was going to be a pretty crude frontal assault. The French were positioned from their left to right 5th Polish Corps, 2nd French Corps, 4th French / Neapolitan Corps and the French / Italian 3rd Corp. The Cavalry Corps sitting in reserve with the Guard off table. Facing them from the Allies right to left were the Russians Corps, 2nd Austrian Corps, 1st Austrian Corps, 2nd Prussian Corps and the 1stt Prussian Corps. Their cavalry was also in a second line behind the main infantry and artillery positions.

Both teams put together their various plans. The French plan involves pining down the flanks; the Russians by the Polish 5th Corps and 1st Prussian Corps by the French / Italian 3rd Corps whilst in the centre the 2nd and 4th Corps were committed to punch a hole in the Allied centre. The French formed 2 grand batteries to punch a hole in the Bavarians holding the town and the second to punch through the Prussian 2nd Corps. The Guard were be launched when the gap had been created.