2 Day Napoleonic Mega Game in the War Room – Day 1 Blog 3

After several turns of artillery fire the French 4th Corp started to advance on the Prussians and Austrians facing them. This was followed by the French 2nd Corps. The town proved a strong obstacle to the French 2nd Corps and became a bit of a meat grinder. The 2nd Prussian Corps artillery did some serious damage to Mark’s French 4th Corps at the start of the game and continued to do so as it advanced. Neither French Corps made significant progress in the centre. The Austrians in response to the pressure in the centre committed some of their light cavalry units. In response the French committed one of the heavy cavalry divisions. The centre was very congested and was turning into a significant cavalry battle. Casualties on both sides were mounting.

The 3rd Corps with orders to pin the Prussian opposite decided to more aggressive with their pining orders and advanced rapidly towards the Prussians bringing forward significant amounts of cavalry. They managed to push the Prussians back and saw off a Prussian Heavy cavalry division in the process. Towards the end of the day orders were given for the Polish to advance towards the Russians. The Young Guard were sent to reinforce the French centre along with the Guard Light Cavalry Divisions to help punch the hole in the centre. The Bavarians in the town were being reinforced by the Austrian Grenadier Division to counter the significant pressure being put on them by the French 2nd Corps.

As the day ended the French had were struggling to punch a hole in the centre but had made significant progress on their right flank against the Prussians. It was all to play for on day two. On the first day the casualties were as follows Allies 21 infantry battalions (13.8%), 15 cavalry regiments (19%) and 3 gun batteries. The French had lost 23 infantry battalions (16%) and 4 cavalry regiments (3.8%).