2 Day Napoleonic Mega Game in the War Room – Day 2 Blog 4

We decided that day two of our game would be an extension of our first days battle rather a separate second day of fighting so all troops were left in place from the day before and we all started where we left off. Some command changes were made. Ross took over Francis’ Austrians who could only make the Friday and I took over Simon 3rd French Corps. Noel continued to do a great job as umpire!

The Centre of the table was still extremely congested, the French were still attacking with the 4th and 3rd Corps along with the Young Guard, Guard Light Cavalry and a heavy cavalry division. This was forcing the allies to draw more of their reserves into the fray with Austrian Heavy and Light cavalry being committed. Both side were taking casualties in this very congested battlefield. The Bavarian Infantry Division finally succumbed to the huge pressure put on it and broke but the Austrian Grenadier division was in place to avoid a collapse in the town.

On the Allies Left the Polish 5th Corps were engaged along their front with the Russians. The Polish were being supported by its own light cavalry and were reinforced by an additional French Light Cavalry Division, and two heavy cavalry divisions. Most of this cavalry was pushing to get around the Russians right flank but had very little space to manoeuvre. This cavalry destroyed the Cossacks and started to remove the Russian supporting cavalry. The Russian artillery was however wearing away the Polish units and there was little progress being made. The Russian stubbornness in defence was very much on display.