2 Day Napoleonic Mega Game in the War Room – Day 2 Blog 5

On the Allies right the Prussian 1st Corps launched a series of counter attacks catching the Italians in square formation following their successful repulse of the Prussian heavy cavalry. The French 3rd Corp took heavy casualties losing its French Infantry Division and one of its Italian Infantry Division. However to its rescue the sheer weight of numbers in French cavalry broke through on the Allies right flank and destroyed the remaining Prussian Light Cavalry formations. The French heavy cavalry also charged breaking a few Prussian squares halting the counter attacks. Most Prussian units were forced into square due to the large amount of cavalry but the counter attacks had demoralised the remaining two Italian infantry divisions. The 3rd Corp had lots of cavalry but no viable infantry formations.

At this point the Old Guard infantry and Guard Heavy Cavalry was committed to reinforce the French 3rd Corps and drive the other Prussian Corps off their defending ridge supporting 4th Corps attacks in this area. The French 4th Corp commander launched his Neapolitan cavalry at the defending guns on the ridge and they were repulsed several times however they finally were destroyed by the Guard Cavalry. The Guard Cavalry went on to destroy one more Prussian Infantry Division and sent a number of Heavy Prussian cavalry units into retreat. This forced the Prussians to commit their last reserve their remaining heavy cavalry division.

The day was drawing to an end. The French were behind the Prussian left flank but had failed to crack the centre and the weight of cavalry of the French left flank had not got around the Russians. Noel declared a tactical French victory but a strategic victory for the Allies for holding the ground. At the end of the game the losses were as follows; The allies 52 infantry battalions (34.21%), 43 cavalry regiments (54.43%) and 9 gun batteries (45%). The French had lost 70 Infantry battalions (48.95%) 16 cavalry regiments (15.23%) and 3 gun batteries (13%). The greatest losses on the French side 3rd Corps and the Allies side the Prussian 1st Corps.