ACW - Refight of Antietam September 17, 1862,

For one of the games at the War Room this year we decided on re-fighting one of the big battles from the American Civil War. One that we have not fought for a while was Antietam. We used 15mm figures from my collection and the Fire & Fury Brigade level rules. The scenario used was from the published Fire & Fury Eastern Battles scenario book.

This was originally going to be a single day's gaming but after a great first day and no conclusion we decided to leave figures set up as they were and came back another day to finish the game. After two whole days worth of gaming we had come to a result which was historically similar - the Confederates getting the result but only just. The Union players were very frustrated by the activation mechanisms of the scenario. All agreed it was a great game and liked the real battle this was a "blood bath" with many formations suffering horrendous levels of casualties. Photos below.