Blucher Rules OK - Part Two

Scharnhorst campaign system

We used the Scharnhorst campaign system to generate a battle. Each player had a copy of the Southern Germany campaign map downloaded from the Honour website. I asked each player too divide their armies into 3 to 4 columns and to secretly allocate Cavalry Brigades to reconnaissance. We played the Campaign over the phone to give us more time when we met up to fight the battle .The Prussians divided their forces into 3 columns and allocated 3 Cavalry brigades and Roder a Cavalry leader to reconnaissance. The French divided there force into 4 columns (one of the columns only consisted of a single Cavalry Brigade) and allocated one Cavalry brigade and the Cavalry leader Kellerman to reconnaissance. The Prussians had the highest recon score and so got to choose which map edge they were entering from and would move first on the Campaign map (The Brigades allocated to reconnaissance do not appear on the campaign map but will re-join the armies on the battlefield but may have taken casualties while on recon and the Cavalry leaders maybe lost). Both players relayed their map moves through me and I informed them of what was happening.
The Prussian player’s strategy was to keep his columns closer together whilst moving them on the map in order to try and ensure he got all his units onto the battlefield once one was declared -this reduced his ability to secure victory points by entering towns villages, towns etc. on the campaign map . The French player with more columns and placing them further apart gained the most victory points on the campaign map. The battle generated saw the entire Prussian/Russian army on the battlefield ,the French had fewer troops on the battlefield to start with as one of their Infantry corps under Ney was not present but it might put in appearance behind the Prussian left wing. The French had gained more victory points on the Campaign map so provide they were still there at nightfall and held at least one battlefield objective they would win forcing the Prussian army to be the attacker.
Could the Prussians win before Ney arrived up there rear. Could we complete the battle within a wargaming day?
(It took us two hours to complete the mini campaign over the phone to generate the battle. This process would have been quicker face to face but meant we could use all the face to face time fighting the battle).

Rough Map of Troops transferred to the table top. The French forces are along the bottom and the Prussians/Russians along the top. The arrow pointing down at the top is where the French I Corp under Ney will arrive behind the Prussian Left flank.