Blucher Rules OK Part 4

The Day of Battle continues

The First picture shows the aftermath of the Prussian Reserve Cavalry attack on two French Conscript Brigades to their front. The Prussian Cuirassiers attacked an unprepared French infantry Brigade (I got a rule wrong here if Cavalry attack an unprepared infantry unit the Infantry unit has to reroll its success) the Cuirassiers lost maybe unjustly but that’s war (sorry John) and were driven back and there Elan has been reduced to one which means they can longer attack and one more hit will break them. The Prussian Light Cavalry won their melee and the French infantry brigade fell back (another rule error here unless the Infantry are broken I.e. destroyed by a Cavalry attack the cavalry have to fall back).
(When an infantry Brigade uses an activation to change its formation to prepared (A prepared marker is placed upon it) it is taking up a defensive posture making it easier to repel cavalry but more vulnerable to artillery fire).

The second picture shows the Prussian I Corp infantry getting ready to attack as the Prussian Reserve Cavalry Corp attack has exhausted itself.

The third picture shows the attack of the Prussian I Corp - two infantry brigades charged the Veteran French line brigades –prior to charging in the Prussians brigades moved to within 3 inches of the French and received volley fire from the two French Brigades (with Volley fire a unit rolls a number of dice equal to its élan plus one if it has an artillery battery attached and scores one hit for each 6 rolled- there are other modifiers). The Prussians could have kept outside of 3 inch range and received skirmish fire instead. The Prussian grenadiers took casualties which had an impact on the outcome of the melee.

The fourth Picture shows the Prussian infantry attack beaten off and two Brigades of Prussian infantry exposed on the hill coming under Horse Artillery and skirmish fire. An Old Guard Brigade has moved into the Village an Objective the French needed to hold.

The fifth picture shows the Prussian II Corps manoeuvring around to try and get to grips with the Young Guard which has taken casualties from artillery fire

The sixth picture .The Prussian Cavalry and Infantry attacks on the French left flank have been beaten off and Blucher remembers the Russian III Corp on his right flank and uses a reserve move to march it to his centre right (Under Blucher rules a unit which is concealed (i.e only its base can be seen because it has not moved and has not yet been spotted) can make a reserve move of up to 36 inches provided it does not come within 12 inches of a unit that can see it or cross difficult terrain). I did not fully deploy the Russians as we were running out of time you can just see their bases with one infantry unit deployed. John moved them just in time as the French I Corp under Ney arrived on the battlefield behind the Prussian Left wing again I did not deploy the troops as we were out of time. Tony had been rolling dice for the arrival of these troops

When we ran out of time the battle was undecided. The outcome would depend upon _ could the Russian III Corp hold of Ney’s I Corp, The Prussian II Corp needed to push through and break the weakened Young Guard Brigades (this was probably going to happen). The French Old Guard now defended the French objective Village making it difficult to take and The French I Corp had beaten of the attacks of both the Prussian Reserve Cavalry Corp (which was now a spent force) and the Prussian I Corp infantry attacks. I feel on balance the advantage lay with the French

Thoughts – the Scharnhorst Campaign system had provided an interesting battle with an obvious attacker. The Blucher rules at 300 points provided a game which felt Napoleonic but we had not been able to complete the game in a wargaming day however it was our first game using these rules and the game was slowed by the need to explain the rules..
Both players had some criticisms of the way reinforcements arrive on the battlefield under the Scharnhorst Campaign rules- the French felt Ney’s Corp had not arrived soon enough and the Prussians that it had arrived to soon. Both would play the game again.
Looking on the internet a lot of players use 6mm figures or base there figures on single Brigade bases which speeds up deployment and packing away of these armies allowing more gaming time